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You have assembled an ALLSTAR Cast and Crew. Whether your budget is $100M or $100K, providing quality meals is important. From our culinary delights prepared on-set by our outstanding chefs to our one-entree, Chef's Choice drop off meals, Impeccable Taste Catering prides itself on quality and quantity.

Take a look at some of our services:

  • Personal Chef - Give your stars the personal attention they deserve. Meals individually prepared on-set by one of our outstanding chefs.
  • Truck Service - Catering truck assigned to travel with your project for the duration of your shoot.
  • Customized Menus - You have special menus, dishes you want served. Let our outstanding chefs bring your menus to life for you and your crew. Tells us your wants and let our experienced staff of menu planners take over.
  • Two-Entree Chef's Choice - Two entree breakfast or lunch menus, rotated daily to provide a wide variety of options over the course of your shoot. A vegetarian option may be included to accommodate those who do not consume meat/fish.
  • One-Entree Chef's Choice - One-Entree breakfast or lunch menus, a popular choice of low-budget projects, affords your crew a great meal at a great price. Menus are rotated daily, with poultry option available on days when red meat, pork or fish are served. A vegetarian option may be included to accommodate those who do not consume meat/fish.

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"The food is delicious - good vegetables & salads, as well as chicken, pasta, fajitas, etc. It is all fresh & hot when served, and the crew eats it up like a vacuum cleaner."

-Gabrielle Burton
Five Sisters Productions

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